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noc noc is a platform where you can list your services, businesses, things you're selling or just connect with other people using your device geo location, all without having to worry about ads, your data privacy, listing & success fees or paying commissions on your business.

We created this platform to allow the casual user to be able to jump on and sell the odd item or start exploring a side project or business completely for free, or as a premium user sell as much things as you like, do as much business as you like and enjoy all the benefits of premium at a really affordable price!

Our idea was to take the best features from the best apps, combine them and ditch all the fluff.

If you want to use noc noc and start teaching a language, you can do that. If you want to use noc noc and start selling property, you can do that too! We designed this platform so that the only limitation is your imagination!

noc noc gives everybody access to a platform where you can pick up your device and explore being your own boss regardless of knowledge and experience or just explore your community and start building genuine one-to-one relationships with the people around you. All in an environment which is private, community driven and simple to use.

We hope you enjoy our product.

noc noc - who's there?





1.       Free download.

2.       100% ad free.

3.       Free to list or sell items and no time limit on the duration it is up for sale.

4.       100% guarantee that no user data will ever be sold to a third party.

5.       We take no commission on any sale, trade, deal or service.

6.       Utilize video and photo to sell business, service, items or self. 

7.       Connects you directly to customers/clients all in app with no middle man.

8.       We provide a free and premium service where the premium service starts at $9.99 p/m.